In the Sparkle Program your dancer (ages 7-11) is growing in confidence and technique. She learns to move with grace and fluidity while retaining more complex choreography. She holds her head high as she learns the value of commiting to and succeeding at her goals. Her sense of teamwork grows. Her smile truly sparkles on stage as her love of dance and self become intertwined.

The Sparkle core program is divided into four levels based off of age and skill level. Students may start at any time within this program but must show mastery of their level before promotion to the next. With regular attendance, your child will thrive and should be able to progress from one level to the next each year.

The Sparkle Core Curriculum: Each class includes Ballet, Jazz, Contemorary

Sparkle Ballet: Comprised of the award winning American Ballet Theater curriculum. This curriculum builds upon a strong foundation emphasizing growth in strength and technique. Understanding of musicality is developed. Understanding of correct terminology

Sparkle Jazz: Utilizing our proven jazz curriculum, students learn kicks, turns, leaps, and isolations. Progressions across the floor help to incorporate technique into choreography. Stage presence and charisma are developed.

Sparkle Contemporary: Working with the hottest choreographers of today such as Travis Wall, Teddy Forance, and Kathryn McCormick, Centre Stage has partnered with CLI Studios to bring your child the very best that dance has to offer. Your child will learn rise and fall, expression, emotion, and endurance coupled with challenging and creative choreography through this award winning program. You will watch her blossom into a dancer that will truly Sparkle.

All Sparkle Dancers will perform 2 routines in December and again in June. Sparkle dancers will have celebration and level assessments in July with advancements each August.

Sparkle Tap: The Al Gilbert method is utilized for Sparkle Tap. “Uncle Al” is considered to be one of the all time greats of tap theory and tap teaching. His graded technique and choreography allow children to progress and be pushed. Musicality and rythym are further developed as dancers learn to make music with their feet.

Sparkle Acro: Your Sparkle dancer will get the benefits of the highly acclaimed and celebrated Acrobatic Arts curriculum. Acro is a great way to develop strength and coordination in addition to flexibility. Dancers work on cartwheels, dive rolls, aerials, back walkovers and more. Acrobatic tricks are becoming more and more important in the professional dance world and so we are proud to arm your Sparkle dancer with these amazing acro skills.

Sparkle Hip Hop: Set to today’s hottest music, your Sparkle dancer will learn to get down and funky. Our hip hop classes are ALWAYS age appropriate and use uplifting music and movement.